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A Step by Step Guide to the Core SSG

This document is an assemblage of the verbage found in each of the Education tabs required to complete the fourteen steps of a Core SSG Stock Study.  The document contains a link to a BetterInvesting webinar titled "Strengthen Your SSG Skills". 
A Step by Step Guide to the Core SSG

BI Website Educational Webinar Files Index

In the two  files below, you will find an index of BetterInvesting's Ticker Talk and StockUp webinar recordings. We want everyone to have a quick index to the educational topics found in these wonderful programs. Feel free to download either format. 
BI WebSite Educational Webinars_xlsx
BI WebSite Educational Webinars_PDF


Mini-Education Classes

Mini-Education Classes are made available from the OKI Chapter for your personal or club use. They contain information taken from our longer OKI education classes. Each are approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length.  Feel free to download the classes presented in PDF form. The classes are designed to be taught or discussed by your club members. For in-depth investor information, be sure to contact us about our OKI Chapter "Classes To Clubs".
General Topics
Relative Value
Value Line
ndustry Related
Reits - Part 1
Reits - Part 2
Company Related
Cyclical Stocks
Is This a Growth Company
Co. Size vs Expectations
Cash Flow
Earnings Growing Faster than Sales
Toolkit Related
Profiting From PEs
Management - Return on Equity
Know Thy Company Management
Preferred Procedure