Play It Again HOC (Heart of Oklahoma)

05/08/2019 - 09/30/2019
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Cost: $7.50 each or $20.00 for all three webinars.

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The recorded webinars are only $7.50 each or $20.00 for all three webinars, and you can watch at your leisure.

Once you have registered for a particular recorded webinar, you will receive a link to that presentation which will also allow you to access any available handouts.  The link you receive will be valid until September 30. 2019.



We are offering three of our recorded webinars from previous years' popular presentations which may also include some of the original handouts.

From 2015~"Portfolio Management: Introduction to Risk Analysis and Diversification Strategy".  Sharon McAllister, our presenter, discusses what makes a good portfolio.  This is an ongoing process determining weakness and strengths in your portfolio.  She focuses on the importance of diversification, position, size, and quality.  Sharon talks about the impact of economic cycles as well as how to gracefully navigate downturns in the market.   Sharon is a volunteer with the Heart of Oklahoma Chapter and is involved with two stock study groups within her community.  She has been an active investor for more than 30 years.

From 2016~"How to Estimate Price to Earnings Rations".  This webinar examines historical growth of sales and earnings plus the factors that contribute to future growth.  Gary Ball, a presenter at BetterInvesting National Conventions since 1991, will look at historical price trends and evaluate management through Pre-Tax profit trends, Return on Equity and debt trends.  From the information gathered, we will learn how to make reasonable conservative projections into the future.  Gary Ball has been investing for over 40 years, has been a presenter at BetterInvesting National Conventions, has been featured in numerous investment magazines, and has also taught investment classes in the University of Washington's business school.

From 2016~"Portfolio-Centered Decision Making".  In this webinar Cy Lynch asks, 'Not confident about the overall quality and potential return of your portfolio?  Can't decide which stock to buy more?  Not sure when you should sell a stock?' Cy explains why it's best to make portfolio management decisions by focusing on the potential impact on your overall portfolio, rather than just looking at a stock in isolation.  He gives us practical examples to demonstrate how portfolio-centered decision making can simplify your investment decisions and take the emotion out of portfolio management, especially the dreaded decision to sell.  Cy is a lifetime member of BetterInvesting, frequently presents investing topics online and in person throughout the country, writes the monthly Mutual Fund feature for ManifestInvesting as well as the "Growth Stock Outlook" column for BetterInvesting's magazine and is a newly ordained church pastor.




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