Investor's Education Day with Cy Lynch

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9:30 am - 4:00 pm EST
Sun City Carolina Lakes The Lake House Ballrooms 1 & 2
1353 Del Webb Blvd.
Indian Land, South Carolina 29707
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Cost: $35.00 through October 15th (includes a light lunch). $40.00 after October 15th. We also offer a $5.00 per person discount for groups of three or more who use our Mail-in Registration form.


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Cy Lynch, an investment club member since 1984, is a longtime educator for BetterInvesting.  He was previously a private practice financial advisor.  A popular speaker at recent BetterInvesting National Conferences, he writes the quarterly Growth Stock Outlook column for BetterInvesting magazine.  Since its inception, its performance has surpassed market averages by 3.7 percent.  Cy is currently a member of the BetterInvesting Board of Directors.  He received the 1998 Annual O’Hara Award and a Distinguished Service Award from the organization’s Investment Education Institute in 2000.  He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of South Florida and Juris Doctor (Law) degree from the University of Michigan.


Getting Risk Right – Seeking maximum return while minimizing risk is the goal of most, if not all, investors.  The problem is that most of what we are told about “risk” is wrong.  Most pundits and investment professionals equate risk with volatility.  Cy will first demonstrate that volatility is not the same as risk and consider alternative definitions of risk.  We will then explore how volatility presents opportunity and how treating it as risk can harm your financial well-being.

Preferred Procedure – In this class, Cy debunks worries over the “complexity” of the Preferred Procedure, explains the logic behind the process and shows how simple it is to apply.  After introducing the concept, he demonstrates ways to increase your confidence in your sales growth and pretax profit margin projections.  We will then examine ways to project future income tax rates and shares outstanding.  Then Cy pulls it all together to demonstrate using the Preferred Procedure to project future EPS for actual companies.

Stock Portfolio Management – Stock evaluation is a vital part of successful investing, but it’s just the first step.  How well you manage your “team” of stock holdings is what ultimately determines your success.  In this class, Cy explains why it’s best to make portfolio management decisions by focusing on the potential impact on your overall portfolio of a decision to buy, hold or sell a stock, rather than just looking at a single stock in isolation.  He’ll then use practical examples to demonstrate how this portfolio-centered decision-making methodology can simplify your investment decisions and take emotion out of portfolio management, especially the dreaded decision to sell.

This event would not be possible without aid from the Duke Energy Corporation and Aflac Inc.  Thank You.

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