Annual Meeting RM Chapter BetterInvesting

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7:00 pm - 8:15 pm MST
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Annual meeting for the Rocky Mountian Chapter of BetterInvesting. 

Following the election of directors is a presentation by Saul Seinberg titled "Dividend Growth Investing - an Investing Strategy for All".

Investing in dividend paying stocks seems simple enough, but building a portfolio of companies that return cash to their shareholders is significantly different than investing in growth stocks that pay low dividends or none at all in order to reinvest that money to support their capital growth. While the SSG has some information pertaining to dividends and utilizes dividend contributions in determining total return, key criteria on which dividend paying stocks are best evaluated are not included in or best used by the SSG. Thus, it is prudent to examine what these dividend related key criteria are, why that information is important, where to get that information and how to successfully use that information.

The presentation will start with the reasons a portfolio of dividend paying stocks, in particular those experiencing dividend growth over meaningful periods, may be suitable for you based on historical performance and theory. We shall examine the criteria specific to evaluating dividend paying stocks and how such criteria are applied to buy and sell considerations. In addition, the approaches used for dividend reinvestment purposes will be discussed. Lastly, sources of information for dividend paying stocks will be covered, including sources of articles by leading analysts in this field.



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