Intro to Investing: Learn the Basics, Risks, Principles of Growth and More!

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9:00 am - 12:00 pm MST
Colorado Free University
7653 E 1st Place
Denver, Colorado
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Cost: $51.00

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Intro to Investing: Learn the Basics, Risks, Principles of Growth and More!

Introduces basic information needed to develop a basic understanding  prior to investing in the stock market.  In a series of three presentations, attendees will explore the topic  "Why Invest in Stocks" which demonstrates why investing in stocks provides the best potential reward over time as shown by historical data.

A presentation of  terms used in evaluating  stocks  - "Understanding the Jargon" - explains basic financial terms that are critical for the investor to understand in order to choose wisely and manage risk.

These presentations also introduce the Stock Selection Guide (SSG), the Better Investing tool used by investment clubs to determine whether a company is a good, quality company that is trading at a reasonable price.

Value Line (VL) is an independent investment research provider who issues quarterly analysis of over 1,700 stocks. The series of topics ends with a guided tour of the Value Line data sheet, presenting each section and describing how to use VL as a basic research source to find fundamental information on a company.

Presenters are all volunteers and directors of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Better Investing.


Interest in learning about investing the Better Investing way.

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