Back to Basics -- The Stock Selection Guide!

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10:30 am - 12:00 am CST
Meadows Conference Center
2900 Live Oak St,
Dallas, Texas 75204
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The Stock Selection Guide (SSG) is the “go-to” tool used by countless BetterInvesting members.  It is a simple, yet powerful tool for the serious investor.
Therefore, whether you are a beginner to the SSG or need a refresher, this class is for you.  We’ll delve into the basics of the SSG.   What it does and what it does not tell us.   We’ll discuss guidelines and tips that can help you make the judgments required to prepare a good SSG.  The SSG is all about judgment.  The final results on your SSG – to buy or not – will depend to a large extent on your understanding of the SSG and the judgments you make. 
Our February workshop will follow up on this program and focus on applying the required judgments to the SSG by providing guidance and insight into how to make the important estimates looking five years into the future.

Lila Husband will be our facilitator for this session.  She is a director and former president of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter board of BetterInvesting. Lila is currently a member of two investments clubs.   She helped start her first investment club in 1996 and helped start the North Texas Model Investment Club in 2006.

It's always a great session, lively conversation and sharing of ideas.  Hope to see you there.

If you can't join us in person, join us online.  We will broadcast this via Go-To-Webinar. Use the Registration link above to reserve your spot



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