Learn About Stock Investment Clubs

An investment club is a group of people who come together and pool small amounts of money for investing in stocks on a regular basis.


Club members review and analyze growth companies, and select one or more company stocks to buy, hold or sell in a well-diversified portfolio. Investment clubs provide a safe and supportive environment for investors to learn the skill of stock investing in a collaborative environment.

BetterInvesting is dedicated to teaching you how to become a successful stock investor by helping you learn the process of making your own investment decisions. The following webinar series will provide you with an overview of what a stock investment club is, how to set one up, and how to make money investing in good quality companies.

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Investing With Friends: An Introduction to Investment Clubs

Join our presenters Carol Theine of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board and Ken Kavula of the Mid-Michigan Chapter of BetterInvesting as they present the benefits of starting an investment club, how to get one started, and where to find the resources you need to run a successful club.

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Investing With Friends: Taking the First Steps to Start a Stock Investment Club

This session of the Starting an Investment Club Series focuses on getting you organized for your first investment club meeting. Presenters Carol Theine and Ken Kavula guide new investment clubs through this important step of the getting started process, direct clubs to valuable resources, and present real world examples from which all club members can benefit.

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