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BetterInvesting experts speak on a variety of investing topics, such as our investing principles, the Stock Selection Guide approach to stock selection and analysis, online tools, investment club operations and portfolio management.

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Suzanne Artzberger

Director, Information Technology, BetterInvesting

The third generation in her family to belong to BetterInvesting and a member of two investment clubs, Suzanne Artzberger has successfully practiced the BetterInvesting method of stock selection and portfolio management for over 25 years.  This and years of professional experience in project management, quality management, and information technology, gives Suzi unique insight to the technology needs of long-term equity investors.  Her vision led to our current online stock analysis tools for investment clubs and individual investors.  Suzi frequently speaks with audiences interested in learning the BetterInvesting approach to stock investing.   

Gary Ball

Director, Puget Sound Chapter, BetterInvesting

With more than 30 years of experience teaching BetterInvesting investment education seminars across the United States, Gary Ball has an in-depth understanding of the investment education world.  Currently a volunteer director with BetterInvesting's Puget Sound Chapter in Washington, Gary has served on the BetterInvesting Board of Directors as well as several BetterInvesting volunteer advisory boards.  He is a retired investor relations manager from Fluke Corp., and has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Washington where he taught investment classes.

Ann Cuneaz

Senior Manger of Education, BetterInvesting

Ann is the Education Program Senior manager at BetterInvesitng.  Ann manages a variety of educational programs designed to help BetterInvesting Members become successful long-term investors, including First Cut Stock Reports, StockUp, TickerTalk, Online Stock Studies, Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide Series (SSG Series), Adding Judgement Series and more. Ann has been a member of BetterInvesitng since 1998 and a founding partner of two investment clubs. Previously she was an active volunteer at the local, regional and national level since 2001. Ann holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Michigan state University.            

Dennis Genord

Director, Education and Chapter Development, BetterInvesting

Dennis Genord has been a BetterInvesting member for 25 years as a partner in three different investment clubs.  He also leads organizational efforts to develop and deliver in-person and online investment education to BetterInvesting members and investment clubs.  He helped develop the Building Wealth Curriculum that focuses on financial literacy and fundamental investment education, and he continues supporting teachers using the curriculum in high schools across the nation. Dennis represents BetterInvesting at local, regional, and national investment education events and is an advocate for the organization’s long-term, fundamental approach to stock and mutual fund investing.

Doug Gerlach

President, ICLUBcentral

Doug Gerlach is the president of ICLUBcentral, where he oversees operations of the wholly owned subsidiary of BetterInvesting. ICLUBcentral provides stock analysis, portfolio management and club accounting tools and resources for investors and investment clubs. He is also the editor-in-chief of ICLUBcentral's subscription newsletters: the award-winning, market-beating Investor Advisory Service and the SmallCap Informer. He is the author of six books, including "Investment Clubs for Dummies" and "The Armchair Millionaire." Doug is a popular speaker at BetterInvesting and other industry events, and he is a regular contributor to BetterInvesting Magazine. 


Jackie Koski

Board of Directors, BetterInvesting

Jackie Koski serves on the BetterInvesting Board of Directors and is chair of the Individual Investor Advocacy Committee. She is also a volunteer director with her local chapter and a long-time partner of the Cincinnati Model Investment Club where she currently serves a vice president.  Jackie authored "Money Letters 2 My Daughter," the 2013 Book of the Year, Adult’s Money Management, awarded by the Institute for Financial Literacy.  You can often catch her sharing her perspective on the stock market on CNBC's "Closing Bell," where she is a frequent guest. 

Adam Ritt

Former Editor-in-Chief of BetterInvesting Magazine

Adam Ritt joined BetterInvesting in 2002 as the managing editor of BetterInvesting Magazine and was overseeing the content creation and production of all BetterInvesting print and online publications.  His BetterInvesting Magazine articles frequently were reprinted in various publications. Adam’s article, “World of ADRs,"  is currently being used for a 400-level accounting course at the University of Washington. He is the former executive editor of New Steel Magazine, an award-winning publication serving the steel industry, and taught undergraduate and graduate copy-editing courses at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.  

Kamie Zaracki

Retired CEO, BetterInvesting

Kamie Zaracki regularly speaks about stock investing at national, international, and BetterInvesting conferences, as well as advocates for individuals to become better-informed investors. She believes anyone can become a successful lifelong investor.  She is a frequent contributor to BetterInvesting Magazine, and her articles have been reprinted in other print and online publications.  She has also appeared on CNBC's "The Closing Bell" and other national and local news programs. Kamie belongs to two investment clubs.  

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