General Contact Information

The Phoenix Chapter is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide education and support services to BetterInvesting members and clubs in Phoenix, Southwestern and Northern Arizona. . If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the Chapter Contact Information below. 

Primary Contacts

General Contact

Frank Lyons, Member Outreach

Willie Yee, Model Club Liaison

William Peterson, Education Programs

Chapter Volunteers

Madeline Carragher, Director

Steven Clauter

Helen Gabel, Director

Robyn Hamilton, Director

Traci Hockett, Director

Darryl Jones, Director

Gretchen Jones, Director

Leslie Morris, Director

Elizabeth Morton, Director

Christine Perszyk-Cox, Director

Robert Powell, Director

Dorothy (Mimi) Rauschelbach

Diann Shaffer, Director

Elizabeth Ventura-Cook