Investment Club Support

Club Visits

Clubs can request a club visit by a director of the Rocky Mountain Chapter anytime during the year.  These visits provide an opportunity for the club to learn more about Better Investing and the Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Directors have a range of knowledge on investing subjects and can provide part of the educational session for the meeting and answer questions of interest to the club members.  Visits usually take about twenty minutes of a club meeting. 

Club visits with clubs outside the Denver metro area are conducted via GoToMeeting.  To arrange a club visit, either in-person or via GoToMeeting, contact


A variety of classes on investing subjects are presented by the directors of the Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Some are in a traditional classroom setting, some utilize new technology where you use your computer from the comfort of your home, and some are mixed.  We are interested in presenting classes of interest to our members.  If you have a class you would like to see offered but is not listed, please contact the chapter.  A club can also request a class to be presented to the club, either at a club meeting, or at specified time, mutually convenient to the club members and the chapter. 

Sponsored Events

The Rocky Mountain Chapter offers sponsored events throughout the year.  Events include Investor Education Days, individual speakers, and combined sessions with AAII (American Association of Individual Investors).  These events are publicized on our website, by the email distribution list, and in newsletters.