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 The Southeast Florida Chapter

                           By Becky-Laman-Hynes
Our Model Club Is Coming!
 Model Clubs are one of the four core programs that chapters are to bring to fruition over the next two to three years as part of our re-chartering process. A Model Club is an example of how an investment club operates using Better Investing methodology for the selection of investments. Model clubs also serve as a learning lab for attendees to study the Better Investing principles of using the Stock Selection Guide, and to learn how an investment club operates and is managed. Members and attendees learn how to conduct formal investment club meetings in a public setting. Guest attendees get to experience the feel of an actual investment club meeting. Individuals interested in being a member of the Model Club should contact Tony Aquilino at
Think and Grow Rich
 A Quick Book Review
 Well isn’t this an “oldie”! I could hardly believe it when Kim Butcher mentioned this book in a recent CASA presentation. She told us how she had read the book many years ago and how it had deeply impacted her thinking about money and investments.
For me it was an “ah ha” moment. I had recently been wondering how to clarify certain money habits to my children and my grandchildren. I knew I had used certain financial habits to grow businesses years ago but I had forgotten where I had found those ideas!
Listening to Kim I realized that this was it! It was this book,Think and Grow Rich, that I too, had found to be so helpful. And it was this set of ideas I was always reaching for in discussing money with my daughter and grandson and essentially anyone who would listen to me.
In order to create money you have to think about it, meditate on it, and plan for your goals with optimism, confidence, and great detail. I realized then that I too, have to clean up my own act and that it is time for me to set goals and move forward with confidence. Dreams are still there no matter how old we get, and just like any other worthwhile endeavor it still takes hard work!
Thank you Kim, for the wonderful reminder!
Seeking Alpha
Just exactly what is Seeking Alpha? The subject came up during a recent CASA (Computer Aided Stock Analysis) presentation. It’s a crowd-sourced website for investors. I had never heard of this website but it was given a glowing recommendation by our presenter, so I started looking around and found that there are lots of people who also think highly of this website. You too, might find it useful in your research. David Jackson is the founder and CEO.
Says Mr. Jackson, “The idea for Seeking Alpha came out of my experience as a research analyst during the tech bubble. I realized that my clients who were running hedge funds and mutual funds, haddeeper insights into stocks than I did as a sell-side analyst. So I came up with the idea of starting a platform for crowd-sourced equity research, where the contributors are real investors rather than Wall Street analysts.
Wall Street firms were also doing a poor job of covering small cap companies. A recent study reported that 55 percent of small cap companies have zero or no meaningful analyst coverage. But, all those stocks have investors who have insight into them.
So I started dreaming. What if there was a platform where you could see what investors thought about stocks? What if you could see their reasons for buying and selling stocks? That was the idea for Seeking Alpha, which in essence means trying to beat the market.
Many people mistakenly think that helping people to become better investors’ means telling them what stocks to pick. That’s wrong! Investment professionals and self-directed individual investors want to make their own choices and are looking for information that will help them make better decisions.
So, our goal is that investors can come to Seeking Alpha and find great articles and discussions, with information that will help them make smarter decisions.
We’re trying to surface the information and key issues, via crowd-sourcing and open debate, so you can make up your own mind.”