Serving the West Texas area.

The West Texas Chapter is the chartered local arm of BetterInvesting. We are an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals interested in learning about investing in stocks and other securities, either via investment clubs or as individuals. We sponsor investment workshops, educational opportunities and various programs throughout the year.

Our focus is on individual investor education using BetterInvesting principles that have worked for the last 67 years for hundreds of thousands of private investors. 

  • Investing regularly 
  • Diversifying your investments 
  • Look for stocks to buy using the Stock Selection Guide. 
  • Monitor your portfolio and weed out companies that are not performing to your expectations. 
  • Watch the news, good or bad, on the companies you own or are thinking about buying. 
  • Share ideas. Study and discuss companies and the markets with your club members, friends, and an international electronic BetterInvesting community. 
Feel free to gather more information about our monthly meetings and events in the Local Events section.

Thank you for your interest!

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